About Us

The Sleepybobo is the brain child of Warren Newton. He wanted to design and create new innovative, luxurious products that solve existing problems that most new and existing parents/ grandparents / carers will encounter with new born babies. Being an experienced parent himself, he decided to solve one unique problem that hadn’t been addressed.

Since the start of 2012, Warren has designed, refined and solved a problem that quite a few parents will / have experienced. This particular World’s First product is called The Sleepybobo. With the help of project manager and electrical engineer Nick Smith (www.pettechnologystore.com) the Sleepybobo has become a reality.

With a PCT World Wide Patent applied for, Registered Trademarks & Registered Design 5000297, Gerry The Gerry is now ready for his place in the baby market.

The entire product range has been made with high quality materials, all having a luxurious look and feel. Warren has made sure that all the details of the product range have been covered. Being the main designer of the entire range, he wanted to make sure that all the features, details and overall look were 100% correct.

Gerry The Giraffe is now ready to take his place in the baby market and take this market by storm.

Warren intends to expand the Sleepybobo family over the coming years, different characters & special editions.

IBP will also look at existing products currently on the market that solve problems and have these on their website as well.

IBP is happy to say that we’ve been accepted for the BPA – Baby Product Association.




For further details please contact us on orders@innbp.co.uk